What is Pixel Perfect? How Does It Influence Design Icon?

By Yumnatype on 14th January 2023

A design icon, which may appear in various media, such as smartphones, web sites, and physical products, has been one of the most important visual design elements to help customers understand how a button or a feature works by the use of the right icon.

Furthermore, an icon can be an effective way to differentiate one product or service from the others, increase customers’ attractions, and create a strong image to the brand.

A design icon however, can be quite challenging as it has to be able to deliver messages clearly and accurately and to attract attention in a very short time. Therefore, creating an effective design icon needs the right strategy and creativity.


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The History of Icon Development 

The history of icon development began in the ancient Greek civilization period when geometric symbols were generally used to represent abstract concepts, such as truth, justice, and power. Moreover, icons were commonly applied for the Byzantium art in Little Asia and Eastern Europe during the Roman Empire. Such an art was well-known for its pretty icons and careful coloring and carving.

In addition, icons used to be crucial parts in the Islamic art, especially in the carving art and decorative positionings in mosques and other buildings.

In the 18th century, icons were widely used in graphic designs, particularly in logo and company symbol designs, while in the 20th century, they were more commonly utilized in computer and smartphone interfaces which have been working today for various computer applications and operating systems.

As time goes by, design icon have developed along to remain delivering messages clearly. In fact, a profession called ‘Icon Designer’ exists to supply icons for icon supplying websites to ease other designers to work.

In a font creation, a pixel perfect term is often used to represent a perfect looking icon and graphic design on computer screens and other devices. The icons are well created in accurate precisions making it look clear and sharp. The icons in pixel perfect principles will fulfill one or more pixel boxes perfectly. For that reason, such icons will look more clearly and sharply than the ones without the pixel perfect principles.

Icon designers need to consider several factors to create a pixel perfect, such as resolutions, scalabilities, and color matchings. A high resolution design icon, for example, will look clear and sharp on a high resolution screen, while a low resolution design icon will blurr and look unclear. 

Scalability also matters because an design icon should be well displayed in different sizes without decreasing the picture quality. Moreover, color matching is critical because improper colors affect the icon display on screens.


How to Create Icons in Pixel Perfect Principles

Pixel perfect icon designers need to make sure that the icons they design can be clearly, sharply seen on computer and other device screens to be easily recognized and understood by users. Here are several tips to create a pixel perfect icon.

Adjust the right resolution

A design icon is usually made in 32px, 64px, and 128px resolutions. The most commonly used resolution is the 32px. The more pixels you have, the more careful the icon will be, but it can be less visible as well, especially the very small one. Therefore, such a resolution selection should consider the use of the icon created.

Mind the scalability 

An icon should be well displayed in any size without lowering the picture quality. It is important to create an design icon in a proper size to be displayed in any size without losing its details. Moreover, selecting the icon’s resolutions and difficulties need good consideration to apply such an icon on various sizes.

Create an icon as simple as possible

The simpler the icon, the easier the application for various scales. Despite being minimized, the simple icon will remain clear and sharp. 

The design fulfills the pixel 

In the icon creation process, make sure that the design element fulfills the pixel perfectly. Remember to activate the feature to see the available pixel on the software vector.

Use the right colors

Use the suitable colors in order the icon looks as clear as expected. Match the colors to the icon. They should be neither too bright nor too dark making the design hard to differ.


A design icon is a crucial element of a visual design really able to give a high success rate to a product or service. It is no wonder to say that a design icon has been a significant aspect to count on to create a product or service. 

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